House of Objects is working with Children’s Scrapstore Bristol to bring Playpods to the North East.

Developed by Children’s Scrapstore Bristol, Playpods are an innovative playground component, transforming lunchtime play for children and staff alike.

House of Objects will install or convert a shed for your school, filling it with loose parts and curiosities. We will then train staff in the principles of play and provide a mentoring programme. The shed is opened at lunchtimes and the children are free to explore the contents.

The aim of this is to encourage children to create their own play, learning through their interaction with the materials and with each other. Playpods have been tried and tested, proving immensely successful in schools across the South West.

Our first Playpod, at Ridgeway Primary Academy in South Shields, has been a resounding success and has revolutionised play times at the school. We have observed high levels of engagement in imaginative, physical and co-operative play amongst the children. All staff in the school have given 100% positive feedback and report a reduction in incidents and accidents at lunchtimes. Teaching staff report that the children are coming back into lessons in the afternoon ready to learn.

House of Objects are now looking for schools interested in having a playpod on their grounds. For more information contact

To find out more about how Playpods work click here.