Invention Sheds

Invention Sheds are designed to integrate a creative approach across the curriculum.
The project provides an on-site facility and full support package for your staff.

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Applications for the next round of
3 sheds are now open!

Available exclusively to Primary and Early Years settings in North Tyneside, South Tyneside and County Durham.

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The Background
For 6 years, House of Objects has been developing its very own educational pedagogy.
The results have been consistently astounding: engagement levels are always through the roof
and we have never (ever!) had a child misbehave.

With issues arising around STEM subjects, creativity and educating boys, our hands-off approach to hands-on learning seemed the perfect solution. There was just one problem. The National Curriculum makes this style of teaching immensely difficult to carry out. We needed a structure that really worked for teachers. So, we set to work and Invention Sheds was born!

The Project
Invention Sheds provides a purpose-built facility on your school site, along with full training for staff. You will learn how to facilitate, understand and document creative learning. House of Objects’ team work alongside teachers and TAs, adapting the programme to your individual needs through the entire process.

Disadvantaged children in particular thrive in this environment, so it is highly recommended for Pupil Premium Fund spending.

The Shed
Your Invention Shed is kitted out with:
• Workbench handmade with recycled wood
• Display units handmade with recycled wood
• Communication Wall with whiteboard and message box
• The best of our reclaimed materials,
re-stocked every 8 weeks
• A full tool kit and training on how to use it
• A home-school recycling kit
• A bin, doormat and dustpan & brush

The Full Package
Alongside the Shed, House of Objects provides:
• STEM based framework for teachers
• Two specialist artists, Sheducators, to work with staff and children
• 3 two hour CPD training sessions for teachers and TAs
• Access to the Invention Sheds Learning Network
• Full membership to House of Objects services
• Ongoing support for the duration of the project

The Benefits
The wonderful things we have seen the Sheds do:
• Hands-on learning improves engagement
• Meaningful context inspires literacy and numeracy
• Child directed projects boost self-esteem, improve creativity and cultivate curiosity
• Small group environment promotes team work and communication skills
• Use of household tools gives practical skills children can practice at home
• Home-school recycling project improves parental engagement
• Frameworks and training boost staff confidence in applied STEM teaching
• New and challenging materials improve critical thinking skills

Beyond A Shed
Right from the start, this project has been tailor made for participating schools. The entire process is organic: whatever happens in the shed informs the next stage of the project.

This is not simply an offer of one-time-only training plus a bonus shed.
We want to work with you to create lasting change in education, using your ideas
to make new features for current and future sheds.

By taking part, you are supporting the development of a whole new educational pedagogy.

One year in, the Invention Sheds have already sparked several new developments.
We are currently working on:

Sheds on Wheels
A portable shed that can tour the whole school, so that not a single child misses out. We want our prices and time frames to be as flexible as possible, making the project accessible to schools regardless of budget.
Communications Wall
Yes, these are already available, but we think there are even more possibilities!
We are starting to really look closely at the way children communicate in the sheds and build in even more features to facilitate this.
Wind Power
We are currently working with Bright Power to create DIY recycled wind turbine packs. Once they’re all ready to go, they will be rolling out not only to the sheds, but also to schools in Chile. Powering up the sheds will provide sustainable energy for rural communities across the world!

Your participation in this project enables its evolution. Help us transform education today.

Apply Now
The cost of an Invention Shed is spread over the first year.
The price is reduced significantly in the following years of the project.
Discounts for schools in the North Tyneside Learning Trust are currently available.

Cost is paid in instalments of:
£5997 / £2499 / £1499

We may be able to help with fundraising.
If you need assistance with this please contact

Apply Now and Get Inventive!

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