Professional Development

House of Objects offer bespoke and specialist training for all those working with children.

House of Objects aims to inspire environmental awareness by demonstrating how good waste can be used as a valuable resource for learning and teaching. With a range of topics around creative approaches to learning and environmental awareness, highly experienced mentors and a vast resource of reclaimed materials, our training provides everything you need to truly take creativity in your stride.

We understand that each body of staff is unique, so we tailor each session to your individual needs. Alongside these training events, House of Objects can provide you with a creative consultant to support ongoing development.


Making it better for boys

29th September 2017. 1-4pm

‘Boys will be boys!’


Statistics show that boys often achieve at a slower rate than girls in school. Why is this the case? If we want boys to reach their potential and to enjoy learning in school then we need to understand what boys need.

This workshop and seminar will share research on the physiological and psychological development of boys. It will help teachers to develop understandings which will enable them to embrace needs and learning styles of boys to help them achieve in school. It will offer practical ways to make it better for boys.

Participants will get:

  • 10 top tips for including boys needs in everyday use in the classroom.
  • Links to relevant articles and publications on the subject.
  • A breakdown of boys development stages to support the teaching of boys.
  • Peer learning discussions with other participants.
  • A free bag of materials to take away.

Alternative dates:
19th January 2018. 1-4pm
18th May 2018.1-4pm

Early Engineering

13th October 2017. 1-4pm

Demystifying Engineering


What is engineering and why is it so important?

In this training session, House of Objects will share its successful techniques and approach to developing STEM projects with young children. Participants will learn how to set up simple and engaging engineering workshops to inspire STEM learning in the classroom.


Are these your questions?

What is STEM? Why is STEM suddenly so important? How can I teach STEM if these aren’t my knowledge areas? How can we do STEM projects on limited budgets?
Then this workshop is for you!
All participants will receive a free bag of materials to take away and selection of STEM challenges to try in the classroom.


Alternative dates:
9th February 2018. 1-4pm
25th May 2018. 1-4pm

Creative curriculum

3rd November 2017. 1-4pm

A workshop to explore how we can teach curriculum subjects creatively.


Why is creativity important?

  • Creativity is an innate human characteristic present in all human beings.
  • Creative thinking is useful in all fields of life and work.
  • Creativity gives time and space to individual self-expression.

Human creativity drives us forward as a species. It’s this unique ability to harness thoughts and ideas that have produced everything from the first sharpened stick, to the wheel, to the space shuttle, to the microprocessor.

Official statistics published reveal that the UK’s creative Industries, which includes the film, television and music industries, are now worth £71.4 billion per year to the UK economy – generating just over a staggering £8 million pounds an hour.The creative industries have a growth rate of 10% outperforming all other sectors of UK industry and account for 1.68 million jobs, (5.6 % of UK jobs)

In this workshop participants will learn the important reasons to ensure children have the opportunity to develop their creative capacities and learn how to develop creative approaches to subject planning and teaching. All participants will bring a curriculum subject they want to make more creative.


Alternative dates:

16th March 2018. 1-4pm
15th June 2018. 1-4pm

These courses will all take place at House of Objects Creative Recycling Centre
The cost for each workshop is £40. (Members get a 10% discount)
All participants will receive a certificate on completion of the workshop.
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