Our Story

Our story began when Elaine, founder of House of Objects, visited the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy. She spent her time in the most beautiful preschool. The setting was perfectly designed to inspire curiosity, and filled with intriguing materials to tinker with. The children were free to explore and create. They completed projects of their own design. Parents, teachers and pupils had an open dialogue. It was an absolute haven of early education.

This preschool was the birthplace of the Reggio Emilia approach. Very few places like this existed in the UK, so Elaine set out to make one. She worked hard to find funding, contacted local businesses to source materials, gathered a small team; and so House of Objects was born.

Since then, our pedagogy has continued to grow. As education became more and more prescribed, current manager Emma noticed the worrying lack of practical or creative skills in schools. She had also noticed the challenges arising around educating boys. Meanwhile at House of Objects, not a single child was misbehaving – they were far too busy doing! The solution to all these problems at school seemed so obvious. All these children needed was the freedom to explore.

It wasn’t quite as easy as that though. The curriculum is a very real thing, and one which leaves little room for imagination once the rest has been accounted for. So, Emma and the team started to figure out how make the creative process tangible.

What they found is that creativity applies to every area of learning. The simple act of figuring out how to build something is rich in lessons. Not only practical skills, but also the need for numeracy, inspiration for literacy and the value of team work and communication. Making prompts an enquiry into the nature of materials, their uses, and how to manipulate them. It can be seamlessly applied to any subject area. With the right learning environment and healthy communication, the learning in creativity is both abundant and easy to document.

The last few years of this journey have been fast paced. With several projects underway, we are working closely with Primary teachers to develop our approach. We hope to pioneer real change in education through our continued work with local schools.

Enabling eco schools and creative approaches to education is what we are all about.
Come and join us on our mission!